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Welcome to Sato Dental Clinic!

If you are receiving a dental treatment now,
If you are looking for a new dentist,
If you have tried a few dentists but couldn’t stay with them,
Please know about us on this web site.
You could learn about new treatment concept that we have been practicing,
Learn about treatment services that we provide,
And learn about the doctor’s treatment philosophy.

Since the opening in 1987 at this location,
We have been listening to many patients,
Explaining available treatments to them,
Choosing the best treatment for them.
We have also been teaching our patients how to prevent dental problems.

We renewed all of our equipment.
The new digital system allows us to deliver quick and accurate diagnosis,
And to provide the most suitable treatment.
The digital system also allows us to easily collaborate with specialized dentists.

We are here to welcome you to talk about your dental concerns,
To give you information you want about oral trouble preventions and nutrition.

Happiness to enjoy eating with your own teeth and health are your great assets!

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