About your teeth

•Why some people get cavities more than others?

Cavities and Periodontites are both caused by bacteria named, autoral bacteria.
The first step to prevent cavities and periodontites is to have good plaque control
to reduce the number of the bacteria and to provide clean environment inside
your mouth. However, some people get cavities no matter how much they clean
their teeth everyday. On the other hand, some people hardly ever get cavities. So what makes the difference?

There are many causes of cavities. It could be caused by genetic or physical conditions. It could be affected by uneven set of teeth or it could be caused by the reduction of saliva secretion due to some medicines that are taken regularly. But
the largest cause is their diet.

People who get more cavities tend to have unscheduled meal time, sloppy
lifestyle, excess snacks and prefer to have sweets. On the other hand, people
with less cavities have diet with less items to cause cavities.

For people with the tendency to have more cavities even with regular teeth
brushing, we suggest you to change your lifestyle.

•There is a difference between "brushed teeth" and "effectively brushed teeth." How is your brushing?

There are people who get cavities even if they brush teeth after every meal.But it
is more affective if you brush your teeth thoroughly once a day for 5 to 10
minutes. If you brush teeth after every meal, why don't you try nightly plaque control? Also, chewing gum with Xylitol is known to stimulate secretion of saliva
and promote neutralizing acid. Instead of brushing lightly during the day, you can chew such gums for your teeth care. It could be more affective to eat more
vegetable sticks than keep doing non-effective brushing!?

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